Citizen Advisory Committee

On October 2019 the Secretary of Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) at the time Fernando Gil Enseñat made a formal call to action. This call to action was shared with several community leaders, groups of interest and community non-profit organizations and was also open to anyone with interest who wanted to join the committee.

Due to the commitment of PRDOH to the people of Puerto Rico and to make significant efforts to disseminate the information, PRDOH has included over 80 organizations, to date to disseminate the information with a high focus on people of low and moderate income, those living in areas of blight and deterioration, and in areas identified for recovery through CDBG MIT and other vulnerable populations. This includes multiple forms of communication to these organizations for further transmission to their outreach databases.


PRDOH recognizes the effort and work that non-profit organizations, community organizations and additional contributions through a network of outreach collaborators which can achieve rapid mobilization and reporting on CDBG-MIT action plan comment periods and program implementation. The continued participation of various groups at the federal, state and local levels have provided valuable contributions to PRDOH.

PRDOH’s direct collaboration with non-profit organizations and a wide variety of institutions will enable access to information and is complementary to communication between PRDOH and Puerto Rico’s residents. In addition to citizen participation, PRDOH encourages the participation of regional institutions as well as other entities around the island.