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As part of addressing Puerto Rico’s long-term recovery needs, citizen complaints on any issues related to the general administration of CDBG-DR funds are welcome throughout the duration of the grant. PRDOH aims to provide an opportunity to address all complaints received. Addressing these complaints is an essential responsibility for PRDOH, as it establishes the importance of an open communication regarding citizens’ concerns about the programs.

It is PRDOH’s responsibility, as grantee, to ensure that all complaints are addressed promptly and consistently and at a minimum, to provide a timely, substantive written response to every written complaint within fifteen (15) business days, where practicable, as a CDBG grant subrecipient.

A complaint is a formal statement of grievance submitted in writing, which will be documented, processed, filed, and answered as per 24 C.F.R. 570.86 (a)(7). PRDOH requires the following formalities:

  • Needs to be in writing.
  • Complainant’s full name.
  • Complainant’s Contact information and preferred method of notification for communications regarding complaint (telephone; physical, postal and Email addresses).
  • Nature of complaint.
  • Summary of complaint and desired remedy requested.
  • Previously contacted individuals concerning complaint.
  • Any supporting evidence.

Requirements 1-5 are mandatory. Complaints with insufficient data or submitted by a third party with no standing in the matter being submitted need not be accepted or reviewed. Anonymous complaints will not be addressed. Any individual filing a complaint on behalf of an individual or entity, shall present proper documentation confirming they have the authority to represent the complainant.

In order to ensure adequate communication with and from persons with disabilities, a complainant may request an alternate formats, as needed. One of these may be to allow that a complaint be received verbally. CDBG-DR personnel or other related CDBG-DR parties receiving said complaint must assure compliance with all the requirements as described above.

Contact Information


Postal Mail:
Puerto Rico CDBG-DR Program
Attn: Legal Division
P.O. Box 21365
San Juan, PR 00928-1365

For more information, see the Citizen Complaints Policy.