• Name of Partner / Subrecipient: Fundación Biblioteca Rafael Hernández Colón, Inc.
  • Program / Division: Workforce Training Program
  • DUNS No.: 361765345
  • Execution Date: 07/20/2021
  • End Date: 07/20/2025
  • Total Amount: $4,205,755.00
  • Brief Description: According to the approved current Action Plan, Puerto Rico intends to undertake a Workforce Training Program (hereinafter, "the Program"). The focus of the Program is to prepare Puerto Rican residents with the skills required to gain employment in industries that will drive the Island's economy over the next decade.



  • Lcda. María Del Carmen Gitany Alonso: The subcontractor will provide Legal Consulting Services as part of Workforce Training Program. The term of the contract begins on April 21, 2022, until April 21, 2023. The contract amount will not exceed $12,000.00 ($100 dollars per hour for a maximum of 10 hours monthly).