• Program Name: Municipal Recovery Planning Program
  • Assignment: $56,050,508
  • Description: This Program allocates funding to municipalities to carry out planning activities that address conditions created or exacerbated by Hurricanes Irma and/or María. Planning activities will conclude in Municipal Recovery Plans serving as guidance to developing more resilient communities within the seventy-eight (78) Municipalities of Puerto Rico.

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Program Guidelines (V5.0) -- Posted 01/17/2023Download 
Program Guidelines (V4.0) -- Posted 08/16/2022Download 
Program Guidelines (V3.0) -- Posted 11/15/2021Download 
Program Guidelines (V2.0) -- Posted 05/28/2020Download 
Program Guidelines (V1.0) -- Posted 09/18/2019Download 
Cross Cutting Guidelines (V3.0) -- Posted 06/08/2021Download