• Name of Partner / Subrecipient: Municipality of Aguadilla
  • Program / Division: City Revitalization Program
  • DUNS No.: 105822415
  • Execution Date: 06/23/2020
  • End Date: 06/22/2023
  • Total Amount: $1,556,222.76
  • Brief Description: The focus of the Program is to establish a fund for municipal governments and eligible entities to enable a variety of critical recovery activities aimed at reinvigorating downtown areas, urban centers, and key community corridors.



  • Dennis Omar Vargas Gonzalez- HNC Agrimensor Dennis Vargas: The subcontractor will provide Surveyor services for a survey and topography of a certain area located in the Rompeolas de Aguadilla sector. The term of the contract begins on July 21, 2021 until August 20, 2021. The amount of the contract will be for a maximum of $7,800.00.
  • Ingenieros del Oeste C.S.P.: The subcontractor will perform design and construction supervision services for the “GREEN URBAN RENOVATION PROJECT”, the project consists of preparing the land to create a permeable parking lot with access to the beach and a boardwalk near the beach area, under the program of the CDBG-DR City Revitalization Program. The term of the contract begins on April 15, 2022, until July 13, 2022. The amount of the contract will be $120,300.00. Unique Identity Identifier: DYHEJLGNJCQ9.