• Procured By: Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH)
  • DUNS Number: MP79YJ6G8HE3
  • Execution Date: 03/17/2023
  • End Date: 03/16/2025
  • Total Amount: $12,302,500.00
  • CDBG-DR Funds: $12,302,500.00
  • Brief Description: The PRDOH is interested in contracting a qualified vendor to assist PRDOH with Photovoltaic Systems (PV Systems) and Water Storage system acquisition and installation Services. These equipment are specifically for homes that have been repaired or reconstructed under the Home Repair/ Reconstruction, or Relocation Program (R3) and Social Interest Housing Program (SHI). This firm will support PRDOH's objectives of ensuring compliance with all CDBG-DR/MIT.