• Program: CDBG-DR
  • Position: Reporting Specialist
  • Area: Operations Division
  • Municipality: San Juan
  • Requirements: 1. Bachelor Degree from accredited and/or licensed Educational institution 2. 3-year experience in Professional field related to administrative or executive that includes recompilation and analysis of information for the submittal of reports. 3. Responsible for investigating, coordinating and developing answers and adequate mechanisms for the submittal of reports and distribution of information that belongs to the CDBG-DR Program. 4. Assures that reports, forms, and other documentation comply with the guidelines established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other Federal regulations. 5. Coordinates and Compiles the information needed as response to federal monitoring and audits. 6. Develops adequate mechanisms for the compilation of information used in reports. 7. Keeps track of the status of projects related to the CDBG-DR Program. 8. Distributes periodic reports about projects based in the information provided through the information systems.

This position is subject to Section 3 from the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. Under Section 3, to the greatest extent feasible, job training, employment, contracting and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance shall be directed to low-and very low-income persons and businesses and should receive recruitment or contracting priority. It is important to comply with all of the requirements of the contractor opportunity or position.

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