• Program: CDBG-DR
  • Position: Secretary
  • Area or Division: All Divisions
  • Municipality: San Juan
  • Requirements: 1. 60 Credits leading to a Bachelor Degree in Administration of office systems or secretarial science. 2. 1-year experience in secretarial area that include the production and transcription of documents. 3. Bilingual English/Spanish. 4. Takes dictations, shorthand skills, letter writing, memorandum reports and other documents. 5. Prepares letters, memorandums, circulars, certifications, statistic tables, work plans and other documents, related to the unit assigned by using a typewriter or a computer. 6. Receives, sends, controls and distributes the correspondence of the unit assigned. 7. Maintains the calendar of activities and reunions of the supervisor and has him informed, depending of the location of the position. 8. Revises, detects and corrects orthographic and grammatical errors in the correspondence of the supervisor. 9. Collaborates with the time sheets of the unit assigned depending of the location of the position. Establishes and maintains controls of actualized files related to the unit assigned.

This position is subject to Section 3 from the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. Under Section 3, to the greatest extent feasible, job training, employment, contracting and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance shall be directed to low-and very low-income persons and businesses and should receive recruitment or contracting priority. It is important to comply with all of the requirements of the contractor opportunity or position.

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