Policy Documents
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These policy documents establish the requirements for CDBG-DR Programs to ensure that citizens’ civil rights are upheld when participating, or seeking to participate in, and benefit from these programs.

FHEO Policy: This FHEO Policy describes requirements and protocols that have the goal of ensuring all CDBG-DR programs affirmatively further fair housing and promote equal opportunity to all individuals to participate in and benefit from these programs, both as program beneficiaries and as employees working to support these programs. It describes the requirements for PRDOH, subrecipients, and contractors, as well as provides guidance for how they apply to Housing, Economic Recovery, Planning, Infrastructure, and Multisector programs and activities.

Language Access Plan: The Language Access Plan establishes policies and procedures to facilitate the communication between the agency and the public, including but not limited to citizens, residents, administering entities, subrecipients, contractors, and/or developers and subcontractors participating in the CDBG-DR programs outlined in the Disaster Recovery Action Plan. PRDOH is further responsible for ensuring that all subrecipients, including contractors and sub-contractors provide services that are accessible to linguistic minorities on the Island as established by this Plan.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy: The Reasonable Accommodation Policy is established to provide consistency and guidance to all PRDOH CDBG-DR staff, subrecipients, and contractors on the handling of reasonable accommodation and modification (RA/RM) requests they receive from individuals claiming a disability. PRDOH, through this Policy, ensures that every effort is made to reasonably meet the disability-related needs of requesting individuals to the maximum extent feasible.