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Municipality of San Juan, Department of Housing, and Economic Development Bank offer workshops to the capital’s small businesses on applying for CDBG-DR funds

The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo, announced that orientation workshops will be offered to small businesses in the Capital interested in applying...
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The Puerto Rico Department of Housing presents employment and hiring opportunities with its virtual meet and greet initiative

In order to maximize the benefits of its programs, the Department of Housing announced the Meet and Greet initiative, which allows interested individuals...
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The Department of Housing strengthens proposal for the development of new housing through CDBG-DR funds

Through a $413 million investment for the development of new construction and rehabilitation...
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Amid individual and economic recovery

Recovery. This word became part of our everyday vocabulary since 2017...
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The Department of Housing will comply with the following best practices

Guidance on the programs scope and requirements...
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Amended CDBG-DR Action Plan posted and available for public comment

The Department of Housing notified that the fifth substantial amendment to the Action Plan...