(Thursday March 25, 2021 – San Juan, P.R.) – The administrator of the Public Housing Administration (AVP, for its Spanish acronym), Alejandro Salgado Colón, inaugurated the recently renovated Quintana football park, headquarters of the Quintana Academy and located at the Juan C. Cordero housing project in the municipality of San Juan.

The park’s renovation had an allocation of $923,513.00; the AVP provided $736,855.94 in federal funding, while the remaining $186,657.06 came from a legislative resolution.

“Our Governor Pedro Pierluisi’s public policy is to promote sports facilities that result in greater benefits to our citizens, and our recreational areas have greater importance in these times when we’re fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to these installations will allow young and adult athletes to find a safe space where they can develop their physical skills while contributing to their socioemotional health,” said the AVP’s administrator.

Salgado Colón also emphasized that “our goal will continue to be focused on providing healthy living and community spaces that contribute to a dignified quality of life. In this case, we also anticipate great achievements and opportunities for football athletes and fans in Puerto Rico thanks to the renovation of Quintana Park.”

The renovation of the installations included changing from natural to artificial grass in the entire park and improvements to the sitting areas for athletes.

The park is also the headquarters of Quintana Academy (AQ, for its Spanish acronym), one of Puerto Rico’s most solid sports organizations, with teams ranging from U5 to U18. These are composed of 149 bona fide residents and 64 members of the community, which also include female teams.

Martinal Property Corp. is the administrating agent that, through the AVP, provided support for the costs and expenses related to the purchase of indoor sport uniforms, the acquisition of sports equipment, the payment of tournament registrations, transportation, and referee payments, among others, which is directed to participating bona fide residents.

Meanwhile, the secretary of Housing, William Rodríguez Rodríguez, pointed out that “as part of our commitment to improving the quality of life of public housing residents, we enthusiastically celebrate this renovated park that is made available to young people and adults. Recreational opportunities for everyone are important for a healthy lifestyle, and with the support of the legislature, today we have a valuable resource for exercise and recreation. We will continue to work to provide spaces that contribute to public housing socio-community development.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo, said that “our Capital City now has another recreational space for the enjoyment of the residents of Juan C. Cordero and the rest of the Island. Puerto Ricans are recognized for their skill in sports, which is why we inaugurated Quintana Park hoping to develop great athletes with this project.”

For his part, senator Henry Neumann said that Quintana Park meets the standards required by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA, for its French acronym), which will contribute to local sports programming and to serving as a location for national and international tournaments.

“When the sport of football was still practically unknown in Puerto Rico, they were playing at a high level at Quintana Park. Quintana has been a home for children and young people, providing them not just a place to practice the sport, but a family that has helped them grow and develop in a positive environment with values. We have the best football field in Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean,” added Neumann.