The Puerto Rico Department of Housing as the designated agency to administer CDBG-MIT funds informs all citizens that the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved on January 27, 2020 an allocation of more than 8 billion dollars in mitigation funds for Puerto Rico. On August 30, 2019, the Federal Notice was published approving a total allocation of over 15.9 billion dollars in mitigation funds to 16 beneficiaries, of which Puerto Rico is the jurisdiction that will obtain the largest amount of funds.

The afore mentioned notice requires that (2) two public hearings be held prior to the publication of the draft Action Plan for public comment. Citizen participation is invaluable, and for this reason, the Housing Department encourages you to actively contribute to this vital endeavor, the purpose of which is to build a resilient Puerto Rico.

We invite you to participate in the first two public hearings that will be broadcasted LIVE through channel 3 and 6 (WIPR), radio signal at 940 AM, simultaneous LIVE broadcasts through the Facebook pages of: Notiseis, CDBG-DR and the YouTube channel CDBG-DR, this coming Wednesday, September 16, and Friday, September 18, 2020, at 8:00 p.m.

In order to allow and expand citizen participation alternatives to all our communities without limiting those who do not have access to social media or the internet or who have a functional disability, we have provided several participation alternatives so that they can submit their proposals, comments or questions. (1) Sending an email to, (2) using the submission form that will be available the same day of the hearing on the CDBG-MIT website, (3) by calling the same day of the hearing to our call center 787-522-5950 for TTY, or at 1-833-234-CDBG / 1-833-234-2324, and indicate the operator that you would like to submit your comment for the CDBG-MIT public hearings.

We encourage all residents of Puerto Rico, non-profit organizations, governmental and non-governmental entities and other stakeholders instead or interest groups to share this announcement with their families, friends and neighbors, everyone’s opinion counts!

To stay up to date and receive notifications in regards CDBG-MIT Action Plan progress please visit our CDBG-MIT, website and subscribe to our mailing list.