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The following section provides supporting documents and / or audiovisual content, guidance or information related to the CDBG-DR Funds.

*Date format mm/dd/yyyy.

Document Name
CDBG-DR Grant Agreement $1.5B
05/31/2019 HUD Documents
Designation of PRDOH as HUD Grantee for CDBG-DR
03/23/2019 HUD Documents
HUD CDBG-DR Overview
04/26/2019 HUD Documents
HUD OIG Audits and Evaluations
06/30/2020 HUD Documents
HUD-FEMA Flexible Match MOU Signed 1.3.2020
06/04/2020 CDBG-DR Documents, Government Documents, HUD Documents
Program Income Limits for All Areas in Puerto Rico (2020) – Effective date April 13, 2020
06/21/2019 HUD Documents