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The application period was open until May 4, 2023.

Throughout its history, Puerto Rico has suffered heavy destruction from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters that have left housing structures designated for vulnerable populations in a state of disrepair. As part of the efforts to reestablish vital and essential services for residents, these sectors must be taken into consideration. These populations have social and/or socioeconomic characteristics that cause them various difficulties in their daily lives and, therefore, require additional or specialized services and accommodations. It is necessary to increase and rehabilitate housing and facilities that provide such services, so that they are more resilient, modern and of high quality.

The Government of Puerto Rico, through the Department of Housing, presents the Social Interest Housing Mitigation Program (SIHM). This will finance projects with high quality, modern and resilient housing solutions to address the mitigation needs of vulnerable populations and protected classes.

SIHM aims to facilitate mitigation projects for entities committed to provide affordable housing and works with diverse populations to ensure accessibility for people who have a wide range of socioeconomic, physical, emotional, and other impairments.

This program, which has an allocation of $100 million, will grant a maximum of $2.5 million to each selected project.


Program Guidelines (V2.0)--Updated 09/18/2023 Download
Program Guidelines (V1.0)--Updated 01/12/2023 Download
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    Entities eligible to participate are:

    • Community-based development organizations (CBDOs).
    • Private non-profit organizations
    • Non-governmental organizations (Section 501(c)(3))
    • Non-Profit entities

    In order for a Project to be considered eligible it must:

    • Be located in Puerto Rico
    • Not exceed the maximum budget of $2.5M
    • Include one of the following types of properties:
      • Single-family housing
      • Two-unit structures
      • Multi-unit rental properties
      • Group homes
      • Public facilities
      • Other properties or special needs housing as needed for the population served

    The beneficiaries of the Program will primarily be low to moderate income individuals such as:

    • Abused children
    • Elderly
    • Battered spouses
    • Homeless persons
    • Adults who meet the Census Bureau’s definition of severely disabled adults
    • Illiterate adults
    • HIV individuals
    • Migrant farm workers (24 C.F.R. § 570.483 (b)(2))

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