The Government of Puerto Rico, through the Department of Housing, is proud to introduce the Social Interest Housing Program (SIH). The objective of the Program is to provide funding to non-profit organizations who are committed to providing Social Interest Housing and work with vulnerable populations to ensure accessibility of housing to individuals with a wide range of socioeconomic, physical, emotional and other impairments. The Program seeks to expand existing housing to increase the number of vulnerable individuals served and/or bring existing housing to decent, safe, and sanitary conditions and in compliance with all applicable construction codes and health and safety standards in disaster impacted areas.

Key Things to know about the Social Interest Housing Program

  • SIH is a $32,500,000 program for NGOs that serve vulnerable populations to increase housing capacity and resilience.
  • NGOs are able to apply for funding, up to $2,500,000 maximum per award. Individuals are not eligible applicants to SIH.
  • Construction timelines will vary based upon the scale of the proposal, but conservative estimates for project completion is 1.5-2 years.


Program Guidelines (V3.0) -- Posted 05/06/2022Download 
Program Guidelines (V2.0) -- Posted 06/25/2021Download 
Program Guidelines (V1.0) -- Posted 04/30/2020Download 
URA & ADP Guide (V3.0)--Posted 03/11/2022Download 
Cross Cutting Guidelines (V3.0) -- Posted 06/08/2021Download 

HUD CPD Green Building Retrofit Checklist Waivers

HUD CPD Green Building Retrofit ChecklistDownload 
Clarification LetterDownload 

Program Eligibility

Eligible applicants to the Social Interest Housing Program are non-governmental (NGO) 501(c)(3), non-profit entities.

These non-profit organizations shall have demonstrated experience working with the vulnerable populations to be served under this program. This program’s intention is to fund entities working in Puerto Rico with vulnerable populations that may have been affected by hurricanes Irma and/or Maria or that were born from a need that was realized after the storms.

NGOs will need to provide proof of non-profit status via merchant registration, certificate of incorporation or organization tax return. Additional information, program details, eligibility requirements, and application instruction and criteria can be found in the Program Guidelines and the Program Notice of Funding Availability.


We are pleased to say that we received an unprecedented response to the Social Interest Housing Program (SIH) Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) Application. Due to the heavy volume of Applications, the review process is taking longer than originally expected. We ask Applicants to remain patient during this time. We are not allowed to comment on individual Applications during the review process due to confidentiality and fairness concerns. If you need to contact PRDOH we require that you email


The Program funds non-profit organizations to increase the number of vulnerable individuals housed and/or bring existing housing to resilient, decent, safe, and sanitary conditions in disaster impacted areas.

Program awards may not exceed $2,500,000. An organization can submit multiple projects.

This program will provide funding for new construction or projects to repair or rehabilitate existing housing for vulnerable populations.

Residents with special needs become increasingly vulnerable to the barriers of recovery caused by the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Providing funds to Nonprofits to expand existing housing will increase the number of people served and address the unmet need through resilient, modern, high-quality housing for the most vulnerable people in Puerto Rico.

Documents needed to apply:

Addendum 4 SIH Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) - CurrentDownload 
Addendum 3 SIH Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)Download 
Addendum 2 SIH Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)Download 
Addendum 1 SIH Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)Download 
SIH Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)Download 
Form for Submission of InquiriesDownload 
Exhibit A - Non-Conflict of Interests CertificationDownload 
Exhibit B - Non-Conflict of Interest on Existing or Pending Contracts CertificationDownload 
Exhibit C - Limited Denial of Participation AffidavitDownload 
Exhibit D - Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility, and Voluntary ExclusionDownload 
Exhibit E - Sworn Statement Under Act 2-2018Download 
Exhibit F - Anti-Lobbying CertificationDownload 
Exhibit G - Authorization for Background and/or Financial InformationDownload 
Exhibit H - Entity Prior PerformanceDownload