Workforce Trainning

General Allocation Summary: $90,000,000

Description: This program helps unemployed and underemployed residents find employment by providing job training in skill areas related to recovery efforts.​

The Workforce Training Program (WFT) supports entities throughout the Island to offer training in job skills related to the reconstruction and economic growth of Puerto Rico. Also in those skills necessary to situate the Island in the economy of the future. ​

It benefits people who are unemployed or under-employed, who will be able to find work thanks to the skills acquired through the program.​

Some of the offerings are: Skills in tourism, proposal development, masonry, plumbing, business administration, solar panel installations, medical record management, among others.​

Funds have been committed for technical assistance that will expand and strengthen the job training programs. These funds help selected entities to train students, as well as to offer new subjects or services to potential apprentices in Puerto Rico.​

It allows the selected entities to expand their program offerings and/or build or improve the facilities where training programs are offered throughout the Island​.


Program Guidelines (V3.0) - Updated 12/08/2021Download 
Cross Cutting Guidelines (V3.0) -- Posted 06/08/2021Download 
Program Guidelines (V2.0) - Updated 03/26/2020Download 
Program Guidelines (V1.0)Download 

The selection process is now complete and we have committed CDBG-DR funds to entities focused on the economic development of Puerto Rico.​

Learn about the entities throughout the Island that are focused on developing the capabilities of Puerto Ricans under this program and strengthening the economy of Puerto Rico. Visit their pages for more information about their courses and enrollment process.​

Take the opportunity to develop your skills and ​
strengthen them to continue contributing to Puerto Rico!​

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